Bath Time With Dogs Who Hate It

Let me preface this quickly: Kiah and Wallace are amazing dogs. They love just about every person they meet, happily go wherever we take them, and try new things no matter how scary they may seem (k but honestly, Wallace is better than Kiah with that last one). They’re always down for an adventure but they’re also happy to lay around the house when we need a lazy day or two – or three or four or…

When it comes to being wo/man’s best friend, we could not have dreamt up a better duo. They’re the happiest beings I’ve ever met – yes, that goes beyond dogs. Their joy outshines any animal or person I have ever come across.

I had to throw all that out there because the story of bath time is not our favourite. You will not see smiling faces in the pictures below. No... Instead, you’ll see two dogs very much tolerating bath time. We never get a snaps or growls, but we also don’t get wagging tails and perked up ears. So take this for what it is – an honest review of bath time with two dogs that hate it. Hopefully you can pick up a couple tips and tricks. If you have any suggestions, I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

Also: in no way is this a sponsored post. The reviews you’ll read below are straight from me (but hey Dyson if you’re reading this, we’d LOVE a cordless pet vacuum…)

Step One – A Visit with Dr. Dyson
I was thrilled when we first brought our Dyson vacuum home. Seriously, I vacuumed literally everything in our apartment, including the toilet. Yes, I’m serious. It's embarrassing. Kiah and Wallace? Not so excited. And I’ll be honest, they never warmed up to it. But if we want a clean house with an Alaskan husky and collie mix, we really have no other option than to suck the loose hair right out of them. If you have a dog that sheds, buy a Dyson. If you have a dog that sheds, buy a Dyson. If you have a dog that sheds, by a Dyson. The pet grooming tool is amazing. It attaches to the hose and is used on your dog as a brush. Push down on the head and the bristles pop out, allowing you to brush your dog as usual (just with a vacuum running right next to you). Letting go of the attachment head, the bristles sink back and the fur is sucked into the vacuum. Sure, your dog might hate every ounce of you while you’re doing it but it’s 100000% worth it. Also, their memory is a little more than 4 seconds so you can just pretend it never happened once your done.

Key Takeaway: This step is key in grooming our dogs at home. Getting rid of excess fur in advance makes the bathing part 10x easier. Seriously. If you have a dog that sheds, buy a DysonIf you don't have a pet vacuum lying around your house, I suggest spending a decent amount of time brushing first!

Step Two – Suds Up
We try our best to keep everything simple and natural when it comes to the dogs. Wallace has some skin sensitivities/allergies and by doing this, we’re able to better understand and avoid all that triggers the itchy skin. So after talking with the amazing staff at Bark!, we decided to try out a new shampoo for the dogs. I have to say, I’m in love with Cloud Star Buddy Wash and wish I could use it for my own hair. Right now, we’re finishing up the Relaxing blend (Green Tea and Bergamot) and can’t wait to try the Original blend (Lavender and Mint) soon. We chose Relaxing because, as mentioned, the dogs hate baths. I know it’s not something that will realistically make a huge difference in their bath time experience but I figure every little bit helps, right? All of the Buddy Wash’s that I’ve seen are coconut shampoo based with the next ingredient being aloe vera gel so they’re super soothing and leave dog fur feeling softer, smoother, and shinier than you knew was possible. Disclaimer: wheat protein extract is also listed as one of the ingredients. I’m honestly not sure what this is, and Wallace is allergic to grains but this has never bothered him. But please stay far away if you have a dog that is super sensitive to wheat or grains.

Key Takeaway: There are a ton of options for gentle dog shampoos. Find one that’s so soothing you wish you could use it. If you’re looking to buy online, Buddy Wash is available on Amazon and Jet (Amazon has a better deal!). 😊

Step Three – Follow up with Dr. Dyson
K so this step might be unnecessary, but we’ve already established that I’m obsessed with my vacuum and if you have a husky, you probably understand why. Once the dogs are towel dried and free to do a few crazy loops around the yard (do all dogs do this? Mad dashes around the yard, hard dives into the ground, and rolling in the grass as if you DIDN’T just spend an hour cleaning them…), we bring them back for one last quick vacuum. Now that they’re dry (for the most part), we’re able to suck up any fur that came loose in step two as well as the dirt they probably just rolled in. If you don’t have any way of vacuuming your pet, I recommend doing a second brush. But I also recommending buying a Dyson.

Key Takeaway: You might think you’re done once your dog has been towel dried. You’re not. Vacuum them again or do a quick brush through. And for god's sake, buy a Dyson.


Seriously, who knew a person could have so much to say about bathing her dog? And that didn’t even include doing their nails…

Until next time!