Wow! Our first blog post! Words can't describe how much it means to me that so many of you have already subscribed. Thank you!

I would like to start this adventure by introducing you to my family! If you follow us on Instagram, you might already know my name is Maddie. I live in Maryland with my boyfriend, Andrew, and our two dogs, Kiah and Wallace. If you’ve followed us for more than a year, you would know that we moved to Maryland from Toronto in September of 2016. If we’ve been in your feed longer than that, you probably miss seeing the beautiful landscape of Nova Scotia (if you fall into this category – thank you so much for your continued support!). That’s where the journey really started.

In 2011, I very spontaneously (and very irresponsibly) bought Kiah off a buy-and-sell site in Canada. I didn’t put much thought into the decision and learned everything I now know after picking her up. I’ll give you fair warning: both dogs were purchased this way before I learned about the importance of adopting from shelters and seeking out reputable breeders. Going that route is not something I’m proud of now, but it’s part of our story that I’m eager to share with you.  

The shock of having a puppy set in as soon as I woke up the morning after bringing Kiah home. I skipped class that day and threw myself into any material I could find on dogs. I read every book, studied every training manual, binged on every show, and watched every documentary I could get my hands on. I even went so far as to read up on wolves and coyotes in an effort to better understand how canids interact with each other in the wild. All that research was the best thing I could have ever done. Kiah and I learned to communicate effortlessly and grew very close very quickly. She did everything with me, including coming to class (shout out to the great profs at Dalhousie who actually let me bring a puppy to lectures). Kiah knows me in ways no one else ever will. She challenges me, loves me, and pushes me to be a better, stronger person. Frustrating as she can be at times, she will forever be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Wallace was never meant to be part of our little family. My dad asked that I buy and train a puppy for him after he met Kiah. I think it goes without saying that this plan never went into full effect. I avoided getting attached to Wallace as a puppy, assuming that he wouldn’t be with me long term. As a result, it took until he was three years old before we really bonded. When we did, it was something special. I’ll tell you what I tell everyone who asks: Wallace is the perfect dog. He is even-tempered, loves everyone, lives to please, and has an absolute heart of gold. He also has boundless energy and is up for literally any activity. I know how lucky I got with him and I make sure to remind myself of that every day.

I’m excited to share my life with you through this blog. The goal is to give you a glimpse of what life with dogs looks like for our family in the hope that it inspires you. I’ll make sure to include information on the products we use, the snacks we eat (both humans and dogs), the hikes we take, and the friends we make. This life isn’t sugar-coated. It’s raw – much like the food Kiah and Wallace eat! Drop me a line. We’re always down to make new friends.