Kiah and Wallace
Kiah and Wallace


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Growing up, I never had any pets. I couldn't understand why people were so obsessed with their dogs. It pains me to say this now, but I always saw dogs as just another object in the house. A living thing to be looked after and treated with respect? Absolutely. A family member? Definitely not.

October 10, 2012 marks the day my world was flipped on its axis. I (very spontaneously) brought home the sweetest puppy I have ever laid eyes on. She was black and white, quiet as a mouse, and loved to hide under the coffee table. It took some thought but after about a week, she had a name: Kiah.

Fast forward a few months and suddenly there are two puppies in my house. You read that right. I was (am?) crazy. At the end of January and in the middle of my third year of university, I brought home a second pup. I like to tell people that Wallace named himself. His legs were too short for his little round body which meant that walking looked more like waddling. "Wally." I thought, "I'll name him Wally." Over time, 'Wally' evolved into 'Wallace' and Wallace grew into one of the best dogs I've ever known. 

This blog has been created out of the love I have for my dogs. The two of them have changed my life in ways that I cannot describe in the "About" section of a website. They have been there for life's highest highs and lowest lows and I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am without them. I welcome you to share in the love I have for Kiah and Wallace and the passion they have instilled in me for a healthy, active, love-filled lifestyle.